Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel Resigns

Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel

Anandiben Patel: Chief Minister of Gujarat Resigns to ‘Give a Chance to Young Leaders to Come Up’
“For the last some time there has been a tradition in the party that those who attain the age of 75, voluntarily retires from the post. I will attain the age of 75 in November,” she said on Facebook.

An hour back, Anandiben Patel has submitted her resignation as CM of Gujarat to the top brass of the party seeking relief from the top job in the state. AAP’s popularity in Gujarat forced Anandiben Patel to quit, says Arvind Kejriwal

“Anandi ji ka isthifa Gujarat mein ‘AAP’ ke taji sein badthi lokpriyata ka nateeja hein. Bajpa Gujarat mein buri tarah se dari hui (Anandiben Patel’s resignation came because of the gaining popularity of AAP in Gujarat. BJP is frightened in Gujarat now,” Arvind Kejriwal tweeted.

He also pushed forward AAP’s political plank of fighting against corruption as the reason for Patel’s exit. “Anandi ji ka isthifa Gujarat mein ‘AAP’ ki bhrastachaar ke khilaf ladai ki jeet hein (Anandiben Patel’s resignation is the victory of AAP’s fight against corruption in Gujarat),” he added.