Dhinchak pooja’s selfie song insanely gone viral, hear that song at your own risk

dhinchakpooja crap rap singer india

Hello guys, Well first read this disclaimer before you start reading this article, we are not endorsing or not paid to promote her or her song, We just posting this video just because how she is getting so popular rather having bad voice (personal opinion).

Dhinchak Pooja Selfie Maine Leli Aaj “Song”

After listening her song, you might have question in your mind that Who is Dhinchak Pooja and why is she getting so popular?

You might check her YouTube channel and notice that she has 70,217 subscribers on her youtube channel. –

Her song Selfie Maine Leli Aaj has got in 11 million views

Dhinchak Pooja might think she is a ‘sensational’ singer, and she also thinks that she is a ‘philosopher’ on Twitter. @Dhinchakpooja

Dhinchak pooja” is also on Facebook –

I really don’t know how and why guys go insane about her songs like “selfie maine leli aaj” , “daaru daaru daaru” and “swag wali topi” .

dhinchakpooja_songHer songs have gone viral but the reason is not that she has good voice but her voice is torturing for our ears and the songs and lyrics also are purely meaningless yet hilarious for some.

There is no rhythm and sync in her songs. There are very weird dance steps, crazy and hilarious lyrics, low video recording and there are so many lacks whatever you can think and name!

Anybody who will watch her videos, then they will instantly think of some below questions like:

  • Is she so much rich to own Audi car and all ?
  • How come those random guys in her videos agreed to do this kind of crap type of rap singing videos??
  • Is she doing intentionally to get popular and viral ?
  • and the last and most important question is that how dare she even thought of singing and even rap singing?? Holy Crap!