If you love to read Stories & Sayings then this is for you

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If you love to read Stories & Sayings then this is for you

If you daily searching for such quotes and sayings that insipre you and motivate you and you are fan of such stories and quotes then we must say that this Instagram account is for you get daily quota of motivation, inspiration and such heart touching stories which you might love it.

⠀[Read the full version here] ⠀ Some people open more than just doors, they create a mystical connection that surpasses every other emotion you ever had. They believe in more than just a person. They pray, they pray for someone like you. One day you’ll find somebody, who all their lives have asked for a person like you. ⠀ And when you do, you’ll laugh at the stupid things you cried for, you’ll forget the sleepless nights and awful mornings, you’ll get over those bad relationships and one sided love stories, you’ll be more than happy to have someone who went through the struggle to wait for you. ⠀ One day, you’ll be happy, because you are meant to be. ⠀ Written by @muzzu23 (Collaborated Writer) ? How do you like the story? Share your views in comments | #stories #youandme

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